Young people, alcohol and the night-time economy

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TOPIC: Young people, alcohol and the night-time economy

QUESTION: What are the views of Sydney-based university students regarding the potential for state legislative changes (such as the recently introduced ‘liquor lockout’ and ‘one-punch’ laws) to reduce alcohol-related violence among young people engaged with the inner city night-time economy?

In this paper, you are required to demonstrate your familiarity with the techniques of analyzing and writing up qualitative data, as well as structuring an argument following on from the results of the research.

Two important things to keep in mind when writing your assignment are:

• Construct a story from the data that ties together the literature and findings. The literature covered in the literature review section should be relevant to your findings, and should be referred to again in the discussion. • Be selective! Do not talk about all the themes that emerged from your coding, but rather focus on the main story (the most important themes) that emerged from the interviews.

Introduction-Well written, interesting intro to the research topic, gap in the literature, aims of the research, research question and how the research was conducted.

Literature Review-Critically and fluently provides a comprehensive synthesis of some of the literature in the field. Gaps are identified and integrated throughout the paper.

Research methodology-Clearly and correctly describes the research method chosen, ethical considerations and limitations. Demonstrates broader reading on, and understanding about, research methods.

Analysis-Data has been carefully and systematically analysed. Evidence is organized to reveal insightful patterns, differences or similarities related to the research.

Discussion-Discussion section clearly indicates how the analysis contributes to broader debates in the literature. The section shows insight and/or furthers existing knowledge base.

Conclusion-Findings are clearly explained within the context of the project and its importance in relation to the research gap is reiteratred. Bibliography is not counted in word counting.

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