Why is Photography important

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5 pages with a works cited. I am attaching detailed instruction. please read and follow I have had papers done by you before and the direction were not follow.Why Is Photography Important?

I believe this is the kind of questions that you can always ask yourself. As you find a photograph that makes you stop and think I believe in that moment it helps you to answer this question. But I don�t believe the question is ever completely answered, this is why I�m asking you to answer it again, especially now because your knowledge of photography has increased since the first time you answered the question at the beginning of the semester. You can support your thesis with the names of photographers, the kind of work they made (or make), genres and periods of photographers who made and make a difference in our world.
In a 4 – 5 page document provide an argument stating why photography is important. Do so by referencing at least 2 or more photographers and/or at least 2 genres in photography and/or at least 2 periods in photography in-order to build your case. Please use correct photographic terminology you have learned during the semester.

Photographers can be from the Fahey Klein Photographers List

Street Photography
Documentary Photography
Fine Art
War Photography

Periods/Social Movements
Early Photography
Civil War
Photo Secessionists
Social Documentary
Straight Photography
Child Labor
Civil Rights


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