Why are African Americans at a greater risk for developing colorectal cancer

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a) How does racial and ethnic background compare with dietary and lifestyle-related choices as a risk factor for colorectal cancer?

b)Why are African Americans at a greater risk for developing colorectal cancer?
Answer the research question based on results.

1) Abstract (objective,Problem,Methods,Results,Conclusion).


3)Background (this section of the paper should provide both quality and quantitive evidence of the problem as well as such evidence to to justify the project. The following question may be considered: What is the prevalence/incidence of the problem?

Are certain groups disproportionately affected?

What has already been done about this problem and what are the gaps?

what has been learned from previous interventions and how this information current or future actions?

Agency/Organization Background (As applicable ,include related history,involvement in the public health problem,mission,relevant partners and stakeholder, and current activities as they relate to the topic.

Project Description/Methods/Data (describe the project including goals and objectives relevant to the public health problem. include the methods/process of the intervention/project and the outcomes. this may include: research and/or evaluation methods,program planning methods,community outreach procedure and health education development , the most recent data should be collected.

Results/FindingThis section should include the results or findings of the project.. provide empirical evidence of the finding in this section: The following question may be considered: What were the finding/quality or quantitive of the project?, by what criteria was the project successful?effective? were the outcome expected?

Competencies: Identify the cross-cutting competencies that you chose to address and provide documentation regarding the skill and knowledge you gained in each of the areas as a result of a culmination of your project

Discussion: what were lesson learned?what happen next? what is the public health impact,

Research limitations.

Conclusion: 1-2 paragraphs.

recommendations (1-2 paragraphs)

references APA


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