Why an audit is important in managing resources

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Sustainable Campus Initiative

Audit Research

Please use the following link to the Basmat Al Shabab Al Beeyia book to conduct your research:


This book has been designed for students in the UAE who are conducting audits in order to understand sustainability issues on their campus.You should base your essay on this resource.

Please chose one area of interest from the topics below and write an essay showing your understanding of the following:

The topics you can choose from are:   Water, Climate, Land, Energy Waste

In your essay you should explain:

  • What the issue is in the UAE and college campuses regarding this resource
  • Why an audit is important in managing this resource
  • What are the main issues of waste related to your topic
  • Suggestions on how the situation could be improved on campus
  • Finally, give your opinion…do you think improvements are being made? How? Why?





Marker Sheet: Assessment Criteria for Sustainable Campuses Initiative –Audit Research

NAME:                                                                                  ID:                                          Section:                                                                               Date:

Criteria  1 – 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 – 5
Significantly below course requirements Does not meet course requirements Minimally meets course requirements Satisfactorily meets course requirements Significantly above course requirements Outstanding achievement
  1. Research (x6)
    Identification and investigation of a range of academic and/ or cultural sources


Little or no information presented. Information presented is insufficient or does not relate sufficiently to the task; there may be evidence of rudimentary research. Some information has been gathered from readily available sources. Information is sometimes appropriate. Adequate information has been gathered from the suggested resource.   Information is generally appropriate and reflects understanding of the material. Full Information has been gathered from the suggested resource.   Information is fully appropriately and reflects complete understanding of the material. Extensive independent research, accuracy, familiarity with the material, and sound judgments.
  1. Discussion (x6)
    Development, depth and breadth


Done but with little thought put into it. Significantly superficial. Discussion lacks depth, breadth and/or exemplification. Some evidence of depth, breadth and exemplification. Adequate evidence of depth, breadth and/or exemplification but not throughout. Some development of the issues involved. Deep and copious with only occasional lapses.   Thoughtful development of the issues. Deep and copious. Discussion fully developed. Outstanding development of issues involved.



  1. Clarity and Accuracy (x2) Clarity of message: easy to read & understand. Accuracy of grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, etc: range of correct sentences & vocabulary. Frequency of errors in spelling & punctuation. Citation, referencing (APA style format) /10
The whole text is unclear.   Errors are numerous and cause significant misunderstanding. Mostly unclear with patches of significant break down. Errors can cause significant misunderstanding and require numerous corrections. Sometimes clear, with patches of confusion. Accuracy is inconsistent. Errors cause misunderstanding. Correction required. Generally clear and accurate. Errors can cause misunderstanding in places. Still some correction required. Clearly expressed, with only occasional errors that do not cause misunderstanding. Requiring a minimal amount of correction. Clearly expressed throughout. Consistently accurate. Requiring a minimal amount of correction.


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