What are the Negative Effects of Homework?


Like many students, you may have an after-school routine of going to a comfortable environment, maybe grabbing a snack, and relaxing for a bit. Almost all students come home from school to refuel their energy after a day of learning. Although some routines differ, almost all of them include doing homework. This activity, both stressful and beneficial, is the subject of controversy for many students.

While it can be a beneficial aspect for students, in high quantities, homework may be damaging. Not only does it interrupt your time to unwind for the day, it can also interfere with extra-curricular activities and social time. Too much homework can also be damaging to your health, both mentally and physically.

How Homework Changed?

Homework originated to emphasize content outside of the classroom. Students had the opportunity to continue practicing their skills without any time restrictions. It also served to make students think critically about the subject they were learning. This process, of course, has changed over the years. Today many students struggle with large amounts of homework. Health experts even say that there are significant changes in student’s health because of the more considerable homework loads.

The Disadvantages of Homework

Upon first assigning homework, teachers did not have the intention of taking away their students’ free time. It was a way to reinforce what they learned in class. Nowadays, students have larger quantities of homework that negatively affect their mental and physical health.



In small quantities, homework is very beneficial to your education. In large quantities, which is what many students see today, it is damaging. Too much homework can cause high stress levels in students. Too much stress can lead to physical health issues. Along with that, students can lose sleep due to finishing all their homework on time. Of course, getting sufficient sleep is one of the most important things to maintain a healthy body. Sleep is even more important for young people still growing- and this is primarily students.

Experts reveal that too much homework has proven to not contribute to your grade point average. So, if you receive a lot of homework per night, chances are that it helps your GPA in almost no way. In fact, it may even make you more nervous about turning assignments in on time to maintain your GPA.

Too much homework can also cause negative effects to social skills and self-confidence. You may not have a lot of time to socialize outside of school because there is too much homework to do.

Most importantly, too much homework can lead to negative attitudes toward school and learning. You may not feel encouraged to learn because it seems more like a chore than an opportunity.

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