VCM Business Plan

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Please, I need help finishing my fake business plan for my business planning class… I have most of the plan together, some of my completed section are not yet attached to the draft, so all I need the write to do is complete the sections that are not on my draft, using the below table of contents as a reference to what mines need to look like. I will attach examples of what the missing section need to look like,and the completed section that are not yet added to the draft, then my business plan draft.
** I need the assignment good enough to get a good grade. certain information the write can make up.

I. Executive Summary
II. Company Description
III. Industry Analysis (analysis including trends and competitive style)
IV. Market Analysis
V. Marketing Plan
– Market Positioning
– Distinguishing Your Company from Competitors
– Pricing Strategies
– Market Segmentation and Target Market
– Promotion and Public Relations
– Sales Growth
– Customer Motivation to Purchase

VI. Management Team and Company Structure
– Introduction for the concept
– Legal status of business
– Management Team
– Stages of Company Development and Needed Management Resources
– Organizational Structures and its Evolution as the Company Grows

VII. Operations Plan
– Location
– Facilities, Equipment, and Technology
– Inventory Management
– Customer Service
– Operating Metrics
– Operational Controls

VIII. Product (or Service) Design and Development Plan

IX. Financial Projections
– Expense Assumptions
– Revenue Assumptions
– Cash Flow Projections/Statement
– Exit Strategy
Appendices – Points distributed among the 3 sections as shown below:

Summary of Feasibility Analysis
Supporting Industry Research
Resumes of Management Team Members

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