Unit Plan paper about obesity

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Use this source by focussing on the three stages.

UBD Final Paper

Assignment #4 – Unit Plan Ppaer

. Your task is to use the framework presented by Wiggins & McTighe, as well as the ideas presented in How People Learn and other readings, to write a paper about your UBD unit that will facilitate students’ development of enduring understanding and allow you, the teacher, to assess this understanding in ways, both formative and summative, that are meaningful and useful for you and your students.

Your final product will consist of a UBD unit plan and a rationale for the plan relating the design choices you have made to the materials we have discussed during the semester.

This assignment is meant to help you answer the question posed by Wiggins & McTighe: How can teachers deliberately design activities that will evoke and develop greater student understanding?

Part I

Determine the overarching knowledge domain and goal(s) of your unit as well as the essential questions (related to the facets) students will examine through this unit.


How is this goal an example of deep understanding? Why is it an important goal for students? (Relate this response to readings about knowledge and understanding). What are the units’ essential questions? How do they relate to facets of understanding? How is this content related to students’ prior knowledge and misconceptions? How does this goal relate to local, state, national, and content area standards? Do not just list standards here; make a case for how your unit will actually address those standards.

Part II

First, describe the evidences of understanding for your unit. In other words, what will students know and be able to do after your unit that they could not do before? Then, design two assessment tasks that will provide evidence of students’ attainment of at least some of these understandings. Describe how those tasks will be evaluated. Rationale:

What will constitute sufficient evidence that the understandings described in Part I have been achieved? How will the assessment tasks provide this evidence? What readings about knowledge and learning support your use of these assessments? In what ways?

Part III

Design a series of learning experiences constituting approx. 5 (or a number that appropriately addresses your unit) lessons (or perhaps outlines for a several series of lessons) that will allow students to acquire the skills and understandings described in Part I and assessed in Part II.


How will you use these activities to convey the goal of the unit, along with the importance of this goal and its connections to students’ prior knowledge, to students? In other words, how will you engage (hook) students in this lesson? What readings about learning and teaching suggest that these activities, as you have designed them, will facilitate students’ development of enduring understanding?

My lesson plans are :

I. Culture and Obesity
II. The Importance of Reading Food Labels.
III. Obesity Could be Catching
IIII.Super size me.
IIIII.Drive-Thru Nutrition

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