U.S History

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Eric Foner, Voices of Freedom, Volume One, Fourth Edition. W.W. Norton and Company, Inc., 2014.

Paper topic:

Compare and contrast the views of the federal government and the role of the United States in the Americas as expressed in documents 59-63 in chapter 10 of Voices of Freedom. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a strong federal government versus a weak federal government with more power in state governments (power of nullification).

Analysis Papers instruction:

Analysis assignments should be one page single-spaced papers on topics assigned by the instructor. These papers are not research papers. Based on our readings and discussions each student must succinctly analyze the assigned topic. The topics are purposefully broad, so each student must find a specific theme to evaluate within the context of the prompt. Use key dates when major events or books are mentioned. Students must reference authors, texts, and ideas, but do not quote. Use 1-2 footnotes citing paraphrased statements and ideas. Do not “take a side”, but rather represent each perspective fairly within the historical context. For each analysis paper reference at least three primary source writings from the readings. Do not exceed one page (about 500 words). Include word count at bottom (i.e. WC: 512) and a clever title.

Checklist for Papers

1) Heading: your name, class title with number, instructor’s name, and date.

2) Single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font, 1-inch margins (Includes heading, body, and footnotes).

3) Paragraphs (3-6 sentences) are like essays: introduction, body, and conclusion.

4) No contractions (i.e. use do not not don’t / that is not that’s).

5) After writing out a person’s full name, refer to that person by their last name only (i.e. Henry David Thoreau is Thoreau and never Henry).

6) Use the 3rd person (i.e. Never say I am going to tell you about Washington’s presidency, simply state Washington’s presidency…).

7) Even when you paraphrase an author you should cite where that idea comes from (use footnotes)

8) Have a clear, descriptive thesis statement (i.e. Do not open with sentences like Religion and Politics were very important in the ancient world.). A clever title can also encapsulate the thesis.

9) Explain your statements (When you make a claim you should continue with This is so because…).

10) Pack each sentence with thought (This is a brief paper so no “fluff”).

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