Threat of Terrorism

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Threat of Terrorism: Weighing public safety in Seattle Identifying and Preventing Homegrown Terrorism

Write a brief memorandum providing an executive summary of the attached research proposal, the questions it proposes to answer, the methods used, and the importance of the research to criminal justice practice.

The memorandum shall be written so that a LAYPERSON with limited knowledge of the criminal justice field and research will be able to understand it. It is important to stay within the page limit as the goal of this exercise is to identify and carefully articulate the core areas of the attached research and highlight the significant findings in a succinct manner.

Please be sure to address the following key points:

• Introduce the topic of your research paper.

• Identify some of the major areas that you studied.

• Explain why your research is important to criminal justice policies.

• Explain the key areas of study in your paper and highlight the main findings.

• Address limitations of the research and possible areas of future exploration.


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