Theoretical Model

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Please construct this chapter (Chapter Four: Theoretical Model) based on the uploaded document = “SOURCE”.

The instructions for this order is as follows:

1) Construct some hypothesis regarding the model you will be using. Make sure you see “Chapter Three: Methodology” to follow up and transition your hypothesis and model.

2) Make sure this order “chapter” is in this form –

4.0 Chapter Four: Theoretical Model

4.1 Dependent Variable

4.2 Independent Variable 1: Shareholders

4.3 Independent Variable 2: Executive Director Share (Insider Model)

4.4 Independent Variable 3: Non-Executive Director Share (Outsider Model)

4.5 Independent Variable 4: Size of the Board

4.6 Independent Variable 5: Size of the Firm

4.7 Independent Variable 6: Foreign Shares
4.8 Independent Variable 7: Government Shares

4.9 Independent Variable 8: Efficiency Ratio

4.10 Model Specification

4.10.1 Ownership Structure and Risk-taking Behavior

4.10.2 Capital Structure and Bank Performance

3) Make sure your writing and formatting plus construction of this chapter is in a Doctorate standard of research writing.

4) Data will be uploaded for you to work with and create a model for this chapter. In addition, make sure you come up with hypothesis and a model.

5) Two models are needed, the first one in the Corporate Governance form and the second one in Capital Structure form.

6) The theme of this chapter is in the realm of “Islamic Banking and Finance”

7) The main topic of this Thesis is: The Impact of Ownership Structure on ISB’ Performance.

8) Please do message me and ask for any clarifications or questions or guidance. If you need more time please ask for it.

9) Make sure that after this chapter I would be able to construct “Chapter Five” which will cover (Data Analysis and Results).

10) Make sure the writing style is specific and straight forward.

11) Make sure that in the end of this order a plagiarism report is handed also.

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