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1. Watch the HBO film of Margaret Edson’s play, “WIT.” (2001)

2. After having watched the FILM and digested the content, write a detailed response paper (roughly five (5) pages, double spaced, APA Style) applying course material and key themes in Health Psychology. There are at least FIVE (5) salient course themes this film brings to life. Thoroughly examine a minimum of three (3) core themes from the class that are illustrated in this drama (use textbook and lecture for support and or to expand). 3. Lastly, discuss how WIT applies to the general field of health psychology and treatment of terminal illness
dear writer 3 core themes from the class according to text book are :1 Patient focus on pain and interference with activities and providers are concern with underlying illnesses treatment with cure. 2 Can be like biomedical vs biosychcosocial, how doctors and hospital fallow biomedical but not biosychosocial. 3 staff may be the only people who know the patient’s actual physical state, the patient may welcome communication with staff because she can be fully candid with them, and staff are important because they are privy to one of the patient’s most personal and private acts, the act of dying.
please follow the structure and please write with your own word special 3 core i gave you from text .

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