The historical lens of gifted education

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The purpose of the thesis:
is therefore to explore the balance of influences (Western and Islamic) that Saudi needs for a sound education policy and implementation strategy in the area of gifted education. As such, it will engage in a literature review of gifted education in Western scholarship, uncovering major themes, and then attempt to find similar themes in traditional Islamic scholarship. In addition, it will explore the contribution of Islamic scholarship generally in Western scholarship in order to illustrate that there is a history of interface between the two scholarships.

In order to achieve the objectives, the thesis hopes to find a measure of parity and a mutual relationship between the two scholarships, such that Saudi education can both apply Western research about gifted education and, at the same time, re-discover some of the roots of its own Islamic scholarship around the issue of giftedness. The study will employ qualitative methodology, specifically document and conceptual analysis, and forms of historiography in order to achieve its goals.

So, this task need to look at the comments, with considering and doing the following:

The major problem with this chapter is the” writing way”, it is not an academic writing, “PhD thesis” the main comments about it are the following:
1. Introductions in each section, needs to give the reader an idea where are we? and what we doing here?
2. Linking between the paragraphs and the sections.
3. The ideas are there but not clear. Need to highlight and write about them again and again.
4. Delete these not related ideas or statements, or paragraph.
5. Weak of referencing, add solid references to each Concept,”Theme” to support the importance of these concepts “themes”.
The concepts”themes” are 5 major concepts ”themes” as the following:
1. Knowledge, Needs 3 new solid references. 2. Intelligence, Needs 3 new solid references. 3. Wisdom. Needs 3 new solid references. 4. Emotional intelligence. Needs 5 new solid references 5. Spiritual intelligence. Needs 5 new solid references 6. Moral intelligence. Needs 5 new solid references
6. Arguing weak and not supporting with evidences!
7. Change the words from “theme” to concept.

In this stage” this chapter” have to focus and answer the following research questions:

1. What are the major educational concepts, between Western scholarship and traditional Islamic scholarship?
2. What is the contribution of Islamic scholarship in Western scholarship?
3. What contribution to thinking about gifted education comes from a traditional Islamic perspective.
4. What is the balance of influences (Western and Islamic) that Saudi educational system needs for a good policy on gifted education?


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