The five theories of development

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Final Essay

The full length of your essay responses should be 3-5 double-spaced pages.

Length: At least 500 words per essay, but no more than 750 words per essay.


Format of the essay: You are supposed to provide the strongest arguments for the issue under discussion. Make sure you address the question at hand. You must use appropriate quotes when citing material from articles (MLA or APA is fine). Be sure and use all materials, when applicable, covered in the class. Consult your syllabus for the exact readings.


Grading will consist of careful consideration of your essays ideas/content, organization, and convention as well as lucidity and the strength of logic. Each question is worth 10 points for a total of 30 points or 30% of your total grade. Late assignments will not be considered for a grade.
Part I.  Answer any three of the following six questions:


  1. Analyze one of the five theories of development (e.g., psychoanalytic (Freud), cognitive, behavioral and social cognitive, ethological, and ecological). How does this explain child development? Does this apply to all children (e.g., universal explanation) or is it only useful for certain children’s development? Please explain.


  1. Define and describe the term “emerging adult.” How does the concept of emerging adult differ from adolescence and adulthood? Can one establish a period that separates the emerging adult from the stages of adolescent and adult? Please explain.



  1. When exactly is a person an adult? In your response consider the different ways we classify people as an adult (e.g., cognitive, social, cultural, biological, etc.). Does this apply to all adults (e.g., universal explanation/definition)? Please explain


  1. Define and describe the four types of attachment. Compare and contrast these different forms of attachment. Please include in your discussion how the type of attachment influences the person in adulthood in regards to parenting. Please explain.



  1. Compare and contrast the different ways cultures prepare for and conduct funeral rites. In your response compare Janazah with another culture.


  1. Consider what life would be like if you lived to 150 years of age. In your response consider the idea of how long a person should live as well as what are some of the cognitive, social, cultural, biological, etc. issues you would face. Please explain.


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