The European debt crisis

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Understanding what caused the crises can help other countries to avoid falling for the same mistakes, in addition understanding the global economic market is a key thing for decision makers including economist, politicians and voters.

Finally the EU and its members are big and important oil and gas consumers, which makes it essential to understand their economy giving that the GCC region is their main supplier. Giving the importance of this topic and its wide scope of effect on almost all aspects of life, there is a huge number of material written on this particular crisis. The topic of this research paper is the European Debt crisis and the main focus will be to answer the following questions

• What caused the Europeancrisis?

What are the effects of this crisis on the European countries economy? In addition answer these sub questions:

• What are the steps that are being taken to address this issue by the EU?

• Are there any other measures that can be taken to deal with this crisis?

• Is this the end of the European Union?

• Or will Greece, Spain, Italy and the other economically week country’ be forced to leave the EU?

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