The effects of globalization on our daily lives

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Is the world shrinking? The effects of globalization on our daily lives.
Spring 2014

We have started to examine globalization from various aspects as they pertain to human geography. A globalized economy presents many challenges, from protecting local cultures to protecting the environment to protecting local jobs. There has always been trade between countries and societies, but never on a scale close to today’s levels.

In 2-3 pages, write up a short reflective paper answering one of the two following questions:

1. Choose a company which has been the target of protest. Research to find out more about the company, the nature and location of its operations. Describe which countries are involved, products produced and flow of goods. Are there cultural or environmental implications that result from the products produced by this company? Discuss.


2. Choose a company that makes a product that you have at home. Find out more about the company, the location of its headquarters and other important locations, the product/s it makes, its history and growth. Check their website to see if they have a corporate code of conduct. Does it explicitly protect the environment, workers’ right and human rights? Write a DRAFT letter (meaning you are handing it in not mailing it to them!) company expressing your views about its operations, or your opinion about the product you have.

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