The Effect of Dual Enrollment in College Degree Programs on High School Students – will need to add to this

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Title: First title submitted to professor– �The Effect of Dual Enrollment in College Degree Programs on High School Students�. � This needs to be altered as noted by the professor�s notes below:
To be clear, we do NOT carry out a research project in this class, we simply write a research proposal that uses either an experimental or quasi-experimental (using classrooms rather than individuals as the unit of measurement) design.

To study the effect of dual enrollment by high school students, you would need to be able to do the following.

First, identify a measureable “dependent” variable. You have stated the effect of dual enrollment (independent variable) on “High School Students”…..High school students is not a measureable dependent variable. Some possible dependent variables would be “college GPA” “enrollment in college” “completion of college” or possibly standardized tests.

You will also need to be able to randomly select the high school students our of an identified population then randomly assign them to one of two groups, then randomly assign “dual enrollment” to one group and not the other.

This is the only research design that can determine “cause and effect.”

You cannot use a correlational design or an exploratory design in this class.

Title altered– �The Effect of Dual Enrollment in College Degree Programs on High School Students and Future Enrollment in College�.

SECTIONS REQUIRED�Each section follows the other with only double spacing. EXCEPT the References begin on a separate page—Use �Insert Page Break� after Timeline.
Title Page
Review of Literature
� Use APA 6th edition format for Title Page
� NO Table of Content or Abstract required for this assignment.
� Set your paper margins to 1″ all around
� Double space throughout [NO extra spaces between sections]
� Go to �Paragraph� setting and set Line Spacing to Double and Before and After to 0
� Use APA 6th edition running head formatting with page numbers
� Use 12-point font either Times New Roman or Arial typeface only.
� Remember that headings in 6th edition are Boldface�no italics or underlining!

** The Research Proposal in this class requires either an experimental or quasi-experimental design. This is the only design that can examine “cause and effect” in education.

Title Page (See APA Formatting Videos on Blackboard and links above)
Parts: Running head:
Author�s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Because an experimental or quasi-experimental design is required, the title should be in the format
The Effect of [Independent Variable] on [Dependent Variable]
The Independent Variable is the �treatment� in the experiment.
The Dependent Variable is the �measure� of the effect.
Thus, examples:
The Effect of Exercise on Weight Loss in 4th-Grade Students
The Effect of Formative Exams on Student Learning in an Online Class
The Effect of the Use of Graphic Organizers on Reading Achievement
Background of the Study Briefly, what are the circumstances surrounding the study?
Why should it be conducted? (You may want to cite one or two sources here)

Statement of the Problem What is the problem that you will investigate?

Purpose of the Study What are you proposing to investigate in this study?

Definition of Terms Are there constructs that need to be defined for the reader?

Limitations of the Study How is this proposed study limited in its’ scope? One of the Limitations is that the study will be done with a specific randomly-selected sample. The results can then only be generalized (applied to) to the population from which the sample was randomly selected. If the sample is not randomly selected, then generalization of the results are limited to the sample.
Significance of the Study Why is this proposed study important for the field of counseling?
Review of Literature

The Review of Literature grounds your study in previous research. You will be citing research that has been completed, peer-reviewed, and published. Thus, you will refer to all completed research in past tense (e.g., Scott (2010) found�).
In this section, you are going to tell other researchers exactly what you propose to do. You may think of this as instructions for yourself, I�ve often thought of the method section as a recipe.
Plan the beginning and completion date for each of the sections of your Research Proposal. You will revise this when your study has been completed and you write your final Research Report.
***Sources (10)– (published between 2000 and 2013) use Google Scholar, ERIC, PsychLit, . NOT Google or Wikipedia.
When you cite articles, begin with the author (s) last name (s) and year of publication. [Example: Smith (2010) found that..] do not paraphrase an article then put the citation at the end of the paragraph. You must make it clear who wrote the article before you paraphrase. Try to use research articles (primary sources) rather than editorial articles that advocate ideas and cite research articles (secondary sources).


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