Teenage pregnancy

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Thesis statement…thirty one percent of teenage girls in the United States are pregnant. Educating students in the Ava middle school and hog school would increase their knowledge of STDs from unprotected sex and the importance of safe sex and abstinence.

Use of this statement to guide paper.

Include health topic, identified population (middle & high school students of Ava, Missouri), best practices interventions for health promotion, how proposed interventions are to be evaluated.

Assessment: describes the significance of the health problem, analyzes impact of societal, cultural and spiritual influences as they relate. •assesses general health literacy of target population

Diagnosis: develops a correctly stated community nursing NANDA diagnosis appropriate for topic • identifies supporting evidence

Outcome:identifies outcome that is specific, measurable, appropriate, realistic, and indicates a time framework got educational project

•correlates outcome for educational project

•provides evidence base rationales supporting chosen interventions for educational project

•documents references for rationales

Minimum of 5 references

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