Survey of Consumer Attitudes and Behavior, December 2004

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“Term Paper (in lieu of final exam) involving an empirical study of your own choice in the social or marketing sciences using one of the techniques discussed in this course. The term paper is to be no longer than 25 pages including bibliography, tables, graphs, etc. It can be a replication of some published study or an original research topic of one’s own choosing. In the beginning of the paper there should be a solid discussion of the topic that is being analyzed and how the student is planning to analyze the topic.”

This is the basic requirement from the professor, and the frame of the paper should be “Introduction of problem, The Data, The Model, The Research of Study, and Conclusion and Future Research”.

This is the Applied Econometric final term paper. And I may need somebody who know how to do STATA, (because I need graph and do file something like this). And also I have already chosen the topic, and variables that we may want to analysis. I will have several variables, and you may choose whatever you want to analysis. And the professor prefers use multinomial model or binary model.

The variables that I have chosen here are:”SAMPLE”,”V7″,”V10″,”V12″,PHLNS”,”EDUC”,”REGION”,”PAGO”,”BUS12″,”PX1Q1″,”INCOME”,”INEXQI”,”PX1″,”YTL10″,”YTL90″.

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