Strategic Training and Developemnt within the HR Process

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Introduction: In this section, state the purpose of the paper in succinct, declarative sentences. Convince your reader that:

the study has a practical value and meaning for you, and

the study is based upon the concepts studied in the course.

Background and Significance: This section provides further justification of the need for your study. If your project examines a topic drawn from your work, you should include a description of your work environment, your position in the organization and how your position fits into the organization, both vertically and horizontally.

Explain the applicable concepts from the course. If your project is focused on a particular organization, explain how these concepts apply to that organization. What is the organization doing well? Would it benefit by adopting some of the concepts you have been studying?

Discussion and Implications: In this section, you should provide a thorough discussion of your findings and the implications of your study. Be sure to include only the pertinent implications.

Conclusion and Recommendations: In this section, you should provide a summary analysis of your findings and discuss appropriate recommendations. For example, if you researched an application of course concepts to your work situation or for an organization, then your recommendations may take the form of specific policies/procedures organizations may need to deal successfully with international human resource issues. If your project is a literature review, then your recommendations may be focused on what issues need further research. Be sure that the recommendations are realistic in terms of the appropriate human resource concepts

References: You must provide a list of references cited in your paper. (Be sure that you support the information presented in your paper with appropriate references.) It is important that all references and quotes correctly are cited correctly. All sources, including websites, must be referenced in the References list. You must follow an accepted authority for style and form (e.g., APA style).
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