Strategic Financial Analysis of Energy company

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The assignment is as follows:

Strategic Financial Analysis of oil and gas company

Assessed Assignment : Analytic Review of a Company

The assignment will be to undertake an analysis of a large corporate business from published information

• Description of the business and its operating segments

• Description of the state of the industry

• Ratio analysis of the business with consequent commentary on performance

• Comparison with other similar businesses in the same sector

• Sensitivity analysis

• Assessment of evident strategy and prospects


1 Large Company to analyse

2-3 Other Companies for comparison


Detailed Financial analysis of your target company: probably for a couple of years at least…longer to identify turnover and profit trends.

Key ratios for competitors and basic understanding of their strategy and impact on the marketplace. Highlight differences between these and your target company, and explain why these differences might exist.

Use Directors’ commentaries, Notes to the accounts and info from the web as well to build your understanding of strategy for the company.

Support with ratios, cash flow analysis and valuation



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