Strategic Analysis of Toyota

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Publically traded company: Toyota Motor Corporation

No introduction or Conclusion, you can start directly with internal and external strategic analysis

Your paper will include 2 distinct perspectives, include all the models listed below:
1.External analysis-industrial economics view 1.5 page
2.Internal analysis – resourced-based view 1.5 page
-Barney Model
-value chain
-generic strategy
-VRINE Model

Your paper should provide an analysis from each of the perspectives listed above. This will include examining what each perspective reveals and drawing conclusions from each perspective. At the very least this should involve the following two tasks:
1. Using the perspectives listed above, provide an analysis for the publically traded company as indicated below:
a.For the external analysis you need to use the relevant tools from the industrial economics view to explain the industry the publically traded company operates in.
b.For the internal analysis use the relevant tools and techniques from the resourced-based view to determine the publically traded company’s competitive advantage and core competencies.
c.Optional areas of focus that may be relevant are:
ii.Political and Governance
2. Explain what strategic conclusions can be drawn from each perspective.

Citations: The suggested style is APA format
For the rewriter, cite EVERYTHING you use for reference (website, peer-reviewed, scholar, etc…) please do not make it up or paraphrase it without citation (because it happened before!!)

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