Srategic Audit -RadioShack

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Please use level of in-depth analysis, detail, structure, creativity and quality of writing (business style/ detailed but to-the-point and using professional language).

Radio Shack

I. Identification of the Industry and the Competitors — Industry definition is necessary so that competitors can be identified; macro-environmental forces that affect the organization and its industry can be assessed, and the organization’s relative strengths and weaknesses can be compared to other organizations within the industry.

A. List and briefly discuss industry(ies) in which organization competes & its competitors

II. Analysis of the Industry –
A. Bargaining power of buyers
B. Bargaining power of suppliers
C. Potential Profitability of the Industry – What organizations have succeeded and failed in the industry and why?
D. What are the Critical Success Factors for the industry?

III. Analysis of the Organization – Organization-Level
A. What are the current organization-level strategies?
B. Evaluate the organization –level strategies (advantages & disadvantages of each strategy).

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