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Evaluate the challenges of conducting quantitative and qualitative research.

What role do the problem and purpose sections of the dissertation play in

deciding on a methodology? Explain the differences between a type of

research project and design that align with each method. Use scholarly,

academic literature to support your response.
Assess a research methodology you plan to use for your dissertation (e.g.,

qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods). Justify why this methodology

is appropriate for your dissertation topic. Explain the importance of having

an appropriate methodology along with a well thought-out research design

during the planning, data collection, and interpretation phases of the

research process. Use scholarly, academic literature to support your


Compare and contrast two change management models from the literature.

Analyze and evaluate their implications for effectively managing

organizational change. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each

model? Describe how these two models would need to be modified to adapt

to a global organization that operates in Asia and Latin America. How would

the models adapt to the different cultures. Support your writing with

current academic literature.
Identify and analyze ethical and legal business trends that have or could

have a significant impact on your area of concentration. Use current

research to support your analysis. Explain if and how answering your

research question addresses these trends. Support your writing with current

academic literature.


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