Social and legal norms

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Topic:   To what extent are social and legal norms around ‘harm’and‘consent’ shaped by sex, gender, racial and class hierarchies? Critically discuss with reference to both theoretical perspectives and empirical examples.
Please Note: The following is not an exhaustive list of further readings, but offers a sample of readings that will help you to read further. You should also make use of the footnotes and bibliographic sources in both core and further readings to develop your understanding of the topics.


Heidensohn, Frances and Lorraine Gelsthorpe (2007) ‘Gender and crime’ pp 381-421 in M. Maguire, R. Morgan and R. Reiner (eds) Oxford Handbook of Criminology. Oxford: Oxford University

Bourgois, Phillipe (1996) `In Search of Masculinity: Violence, Respect and Sexuality among Puerto Rican Crack Dealers in East Harlem’ The British Journal of Criminology 36 (3) 412-427

Brown, Beverly (1986) ‘Women and Crime: The Dark Figures of Criminology’, Economy and Society 15(3): 355-402.

Collier, Richard (1997) ‘After Dunblane: Crime, Corporeality, and the (Hetero)sexing of the Bodies of Men’ Journal of Law and Society 24(2):177-198.
Collier, Richard (1998) Masculinities, crime and criminology, Sage Publications, London


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