skills, interests and career values

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In this module, lecture time will be allocated to talks about careers in Bioscience and the ways you can narrow options to find the best fit for you. We will also encourage you to be more aware of opportunities for enhancing your skills so you will have good examples to put in your CV when you come to apply for jobs, and will consider some practical job application techniques. While you are studying you should also be actively involved in developing your skills and gaining experience. Such activities couldinclude IBL (Industry Based Learning), research projects, postgraduate studies anda range of volunteer work.

An assignment has been developed to start you thinking about possible career paths and steps you will need to take to enable you to be job ready when you graduate.
Assignment 2 – Careers in Bioscience (10%)

Due date: Thursday 21st May, WEEK 11
Submission Method: Electronic submission on Moodle
Part A 2%

1 What career(s) do you think you would like to pursue after completing your degree?
2 What 3 main factors influence this choice? Consider your skills, interests and career values.
Part B 8%
Do some research using the internet to explore an industry, organisation or role of interest and then conduct an Informational Interview in relation to that job/role/organisation.
Write a brief report (1.5 – 2 pages) to:
1 Describe what the job/ jobs in this area or organisation involve in a day-to-day sense. What sort of work environment is it? What are the challenges and satisfiers of the role?
2 Identify potential employers (that you may be able to work for). What jobs have been advertised in your field of interest?
3 Identify any specialist training required, and/or education necessary to reach this position.
4 Outline what volunteer work would be good to have on your CV for such a job and any other activities you will do to gain the skills required in the job you are interested in. State the activity or volunteer work and indicate when, where and how you can do these, as well as any obstacles that may need to be overcome.
5 Cite and list websites and other referencesused.(Remember to give details of the person you spoke to for the informational interview including their employer, position and contact details.)
Hints:Address each of the points above.Use headings. Name organisations and list their contact details. Conduct an informational interview where possible, using this as a reference for your report. Refer to your Careers session & Moodle for web links and notes on Informational interviewing etcrelevant to this assignment.

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