Sim 1- Capacity

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Operations Management Simulation Report–Capacity:
Answer the following:
(1) Briefly describe your role in the team.
(2) Answer at least one (1) of the questions from this list:
(a) How did you forecast future demand?
(b) How did you translate your demand forecast to machine requirements?
(c) How did you decide when to purchase the machines that you purchased? What were the results?
(d) Did you sell any machines? If so, how did you decide when and how many to sell and why?
(e) If you changed the queue sequencing rule, when and why? What were the results?
(f) If you changed contracts, then when and why? What were the results?
(g) How did you plan for the last 50 days and why? Results?

(3) Answer both questions below:
>>> What insights did you acquire from this first simulation?
>>> If you were to re-run the simulation, what would you do differently and why?

I will upload Littlefield Labs Overview for you so that you can understand how it works quickly. And Here is Littlefield Simulation Website, please log in and see HISTORY, you might know how to start this report totally. Thank you! :

Littlefield Simulation Website:
Team ID : infinitude
Password : legs6


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