root metaphors

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Make a study of the theory of root metaphors and use the theory as a lens through which to view any distinctive use of metaphor in the communication patterns used by leadership in your workplace environment or in an organization with which you are familiar. The paper should seek to discover what root metaphor/s undergird and inform communication within the organization. Your 2,500 word paper should briefly review the concept of root metaphor and the field of enquiry in which it is located, briefly describe the organization, its objectives, dimensions, and organizational structure without specifically identifying it and then discuss your observations about the use of metaphor in your organization.

Issues that could guide the discussion in your paper might include the following:

A discussion of some of the theoretical perspectives on the role and place of metaphor and symbol in communication in the organization.
What language is used to assert or articulate the metaphors?
In your opinion are the root metaphors obvious or do they lie in the background functioning in a sub-conscious way?
If there is more than one dominant metaphor do the metaphors complement each other or conflict with each other?
Are the metaphors used across all levels of the organization or are some preferred by management and others by staff?
Do the metaphors primarily facilitate change or preserve continuity in the organization?
Have the metaphors been strategically chosen by the present leadership or have they been inherited? Have they been adopted subconsciously or have they been introduced by staff as opposed to management?
How do the metaphors assist members of the organization to interpret events within the organization?
What other insights about communication within the organization are suggested by the analysis of its root metaphors?

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