Role of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

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Essay Writers Role of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Role of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

Based on evidence from the literature and observation, analyze the elements of the advanced practice role. Include in the analysis:

Please include ALL components listed below.

*Analysis of Advanced Practice Role

*Factors that are significant in achieving this position including facilitators and hindrance

*Challenges to practice today in a managed care environment

*Role stress and role strain, relationships with role partners

*Vision of the future role of the APN

*Describe intra and interdisciplinary practice

*Describe the use of electronic documentation system for billing and coding

*What type of reimbursement policy is in effect

*Describe how evidenced based practice is integrated into practice

*Integrate evidenced based literature into your analysis.

*References to current readings required including research findings.

*Synthesize concepts from role socialization role outcomes and role development as well as APN definitions and issues.

*Conclusion- Identify areas for future development of APN role.

*Reference page , APA format

*This is an interview paper. (I’m interviewing a Advanced Nurse Practitioner). Please write in third person.

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