Research Methodologies

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Assessment Type: Assignment (100% of the weighting for the module)

• Task 1 (50%) Research Design Proposal

• Task 2 (50%) Literature/ Evidence Review


Indicative Assessment Requirements for the Module:

Maximum Word Limit and wordage for each aspect within the assignment:

The overall limit for the assignment is 4,000 words, with the Research Design Proposal limited to 2000 words and the Literature/Evidence Review also limited to 2000 words.

A generic marking scheme and the assessment form are included later in this document.


Description of Assessment Requirements

You are required to create a proposal for a research project aimed at solving a business related problem or opportunity. This will necessarily include both a research design and a literature review and evidence review, fully referenced, on your research proposal.
The work is to be handed in as ONE entity via Turnitin.


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