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From the list below, select a topic.

Potential Research Topics (Pick One)

Social networking

Security of the Internet

Technology and cars

How technology can help you learn

Privacy and security of cell phones

Technology and your major

The best ways to learn new technology

How to protect yourself from identity theft

Video game addiction

Do games help students learn?

Technology and sports (stadiums, equipment, training, safety, or tracking, etc.)

What is open source?

Web 2.0: What is it, and why is it different?

What is the history of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation? What are their current projects?

How has TiVo affected advertising and network programming?

How has technology affected families?

Twitter and Facebook in business today

Online shopping—benefits and hazards

How and why to do a podcast

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Doing genealogy online


Computer forensics

Radio frequency identification (RFID)

Computer storage devices, capacity, and longevity

Disaster recovery plans

Technology and a career (real estate, sales person, manager, teacher, pastor, nonprofit, funeral director, etc.)

What influence has videoconferencing made on business, medicine, education, and social lives?

How will Internet2 improve access to information?

Using a search engine (,,, etc.); identify two websites with credible information about your topic. Include the URL and the publication, title, author, and date published if available. If you need help with locating material, check this article about finding good information.

Identify two resources about your topic from the Online Library and include publication, title, author, and date published. (Note: Library resource URLs do not work to link back to an article.)

Post a discussion that:

Identifies the topic you chose and explains why you chose it.

Explains what criteria you used to determine if it was credible.

Compares your experience searching on the Internet and searching in the Online Library. Feel free to try advanced search options and report on them. This can be very eye opening.

Notice that this week your grade on this assignment will include providing references to readings.

part 2

Copy and paste an example of a paragraph from one of your resources. Any directly copied information needs to be in quotation marks. Include the library publication or website URL from which you retrieved the information.

Now, below the quoted paragraph, paraphrase (summarize in your own words) its key points.

Use the APA Guidelines to determine how you would cite the direct quotation as well as the paraphrased sentences for your in-text and full reference citations. Remember that you can find the APA information in this PDF or here.

Describe any challenges you had paraphrasing and citing the information.

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