Relationship Marketing: The Royal Caribbean Cruises

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This is the group report but I just need the writer do the second part that I have already write in red color in the report format. The second part is the literature review that the writer need read the reading list first, thanks for your help.

 Read the reading list please:
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 The Report Fromat:
– Brief introduction to company/brand
– Literature review on experiential marketing ( this is the part that I want writer to do)
– Data from case company/brand
– Conclusion

 Relationship Marketing: The of Royal Caribbean Cruises
Managing the customer experience has become a key task for many companies, with consumers’ experiences of a company developed as a result of all their interactions with that company or its brands. These interactions might be with the company’s marketing communications, its physical/online presence and staff. For this company/brand you should assess how it tries to manage its customers’ experiences and compare how this relates to academic theory. In your collective view, how successful is this company at creating positive customer experiences?


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