Rehabilitative process in desistance and recidivism

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REPORT: The second assignment is an individual student report based upon an aspect of the rehabilitative process in desistance and recidivism. Here you will demonstrate your awareness and the application of your knowledge to the contemporary rehabilitative practices within both the national and international context. Your final paper will need to be submitted through Turnitin.

A 2,000 report exploring and critically analysing the complex needs of offenders and rehabilitative practices which promote desistance.

Select one complex need of the offender discussed on the unit
Select one theoretical approach towards rehabilitative practice and the promotion of desistance.
Select two examples of rehabilitative practice designed to promote desistance, rehabilitative practice and prevent recidivism.
Your discussion must consist of the following elements:

A brief discussion outlining the selected complex need of the offender.
In your discussion you will need to identify how your chosen theoretical approach explains the complex need of the offender and rehabilitative practices designed to encourage desistance.
You should review current literature on your selected complex need of the offender.
Critically analyse rehabilitative practices discussed in the literature using examples from both the national and international context.
You should review the effectiveness of these practices in overcoming your selected need of the offender and promoting desistance.
Provide a reasoned conclusion identifying which rehabilitative practice offers the best solution to your chosen complex need and in promoting desistance.
Draw on the materials that we have covered in this Unit, but also research further.
You must use the Harvard referencing system to identify and signpost all information that you used in your report. Please pay particular attention to point 8 of the referencing guidelines on secondary referencing.
For the purposes of this Report a minimum of 12 sources should be used and a minimum of 8 of these must be academic books or journal articles. The remaining 4 should be government policies, documents, and research outputs. The Home Office web site is an invaluable resource for research and policy documents. Once you have met the minimum requirements you can use as many Internet sources or other sources as you wish. However if you are using Internet sources these must be of a valid and reliable nature.
No more than 5- 10% of the assignment should be in the form of quotations.
Your work must be word processed and double spaced. You must also include a word count.
Proofread and edit your work prior to submission as there will be no excuses for spelling and grammar mistakes due to the nature of the task. Poor referencing and/or bad academic practice will be reflected within your overall grade.


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