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Overview: This is a freeform freewrite to help you get started with the final paper that is

due as you complete this course. You have 2 approaches to choose from. This

assignment describes both so that you can make a decision and put down on paper

your thoughts, insights, creative ideas – and questions that can be answered by

conducting research.

Your final paper for this course will be 4 to 5 pages of personal writing that will also

include research (more about the research in Assignment 9). At this point, you will start

thinking, brainstorming and freewriting about your topic. Then you will be able to gather

information on your topic while completing other assignments.

You can approach your final paper for this course in 2 ways. You can “write for college,”

such as a paper exploring a field or area you may want to major in or pursue as a

career, or “write for life,” a speculative look into your life 20 years from now, using your

past and your present as base points.

First, decide if you want to explore and write about a major or career area, which will

include reflecting about things that interest you, that you enjoy doing and are passionate

about. I suggest that you choose a topic for this paper that will be so fascinating to you

that you won’t even notice the passage of time as you research and write about it. Even

Albert Einstein has comments, as advice to his son, about what to pursue: the secret to

learning the most, he wrote in 1915 is “when you are doing something with such

enjoyment that you don’t notice that the time passes.”

You can also research the job positions and prospects in that major area. Or you can

write “for life,” creating a portrait in words about yourself, perhaps beginning by

describing the year you were born, then envisioning yourself (and your
ccomplishments) in 20 years. Both topics will include your own thoughts, ideas and

insights, along with information from credible academic sources. For the final paper, you

will use MLA citation formatting and include a separate Works Cited page at the end

If you decide to explore a major or career field that interests you, Chapter 5, Writing to
Explore; Chapter 7, Writing to Analyze; or Chapter 9, Writing to Evaluate, may help you.
The audience for this paper is you, as you are exploring options and ideas to help guide
you through college and on into a career field

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