Purpose of knowledge

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The section that related to this paper:
Read Introduction to St.Thomas Aquinas
Q. 2 Art 3
Q. 12 Art 5
Q. 12 Art 12
& uploaded material
Read Descartes’s Book Discourse on Method on part VI

1. Summarize the position, i.e. the conclusion, of Aquinas on Purpose of knowledge
2.Using the text, explain the argument by how Aquinas arrived at that conclusion.
3. Discuss the strength of the argument and Objection that Descartes could be raised against them.
4. State how Descartes could have replied to those arguments, and on that basis determine whether you think the position is true or false.

Stylistic rules
1.A paragraph should have at least five interrelated sentences.
2. Correct Grammar and punctuation are necessary.
3.Avoid contractions, slang,and use of the slash.

1. Use passages from the author’s writing to support the interpretation.
2. Put a quoted passage into your own wards and explain it: the quote is meant to support you interpretation of the author.
3. Never begin or end a paragraph with a quote

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