Product placements

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Product placements (or embedded marketing) have been used by

many brands as part of their media-related campaigns. It is a

non-traditional advertising technique consisting of the inclusion of

(or reference to) a product, a service or brand trademark – so that it

is featured within a context or media environment. So there is no

explicit mention of it as it subtly promote brands, products or

services through appearances in movies, tv programmes, or other

media-related settings (i.e. sports, music videos, Broadway plays,

video games, etc.)
Using the above as a reference, outline a product placement case

study and define its target market. Review if any steps were taken

to capitalize on their product placement initiative (ie. advertising,

sales promotions, etc). Next, recommend one aspect on how it could

be improved upon. Support your answers with evidence sourced

from a variety of academic references and professional sources.

(Check each other’s main posting and avoid uploading similar case

studies). Thereafter, comment on each other’s posts.

Harvard referencing

– in text citations and reference list

– formatting

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