Process Improvement Research Project

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Choose a company that you work for or have worked for in the past (or if you do not have any work experience choose a company that you aspire to work for in the future). Note: This must be a real company and a real process that you feel can be improved – the focus here is NOT on the company but rather on the process that you feel can be improved. Be sure that you can find adequate information on the company to complete the following:

Explain a current operations process in detail, and identify a specific problem that you feel is currently, or that could in the future, negatively impacting the efficiency and/ or productivity of the process. (provide flowcharts and/or supporting diagrams)
Clearly state the purpose of the paper as an attempt to solve the problem you have identified.

Frame the problem as one that might be resolved using a new technology or process innovation.
Research emerging technology or process innovations that could be an opportunity for the company and this process.

Describe in detail the key attributes and functionalities of the technologies or process innovations that you researched in :Learning Objective #2
Describe how these technology and/ or process innovations would effectively resolve or help to resolve the operational problem you identified. (provide evidence flowcharts and other supporting diagrams)

Identify and discuss three specific process improvements you might make based on the analysis of the technology or innovation described in Learning Objective #2 & #3

Explain in detail why you choose these improvements and how you feel they will specifically solve or alleviate the problem(s) you identified in Learning Objective #1.

10% of grade is for APA format, overall organization, grammar and spelling

Note: You may want to start with either a problem that you have identified at a company OR a technology advancement or tool that you feel could help with a problem at a company, rather than starting with the company itself.

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