Problem statement and literature review

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The literature review includes a delineation of the relevant scholarly literature that is germane to the problem statement. Basically, the review should summarize what other researchers have published about the topic included in the problem statement. There are important considerations for an effective literature review:

�The most logical flow is from the more general to the more specific. The end of the literature review should suggest the proposed study at hand.

�The review should be connected to the research problem. In writing the review, always bear in mind whether a particular study is relevant to the proposed study.

�The best reviews consist of critical syntheses of the literature, rather than simply a string of discreet discussions about individual studies.

�Pay attention to themes within the body of literature.

The product should be a 5 page preliminary literature review, fully cited plus a list of references. The review should be prefaced with a revised problem statement, as indicated in the feedback from the previous component.


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