prescriptive review of ** play

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A MINIMUM of 2,000 words in a 12pt font (roughly equivalent to 8 pages in length but the word count is what matters).

As discussed in Chapter #3, write a “prescriptive review” of the performance AND answer these questions in the body of your paper.

1.What are the play and the production of that play attempting to do? (These are the intentions…)
2.Have the intentions been achieved? (Provide supporting evidence for your conclusions.)
3.Was the attempt worthwhile?
4.What did you like and WHY? (OPINION)
5.What did you NOT LIKE and WHY (OPINION)

The above questions are central to the prescriptive review. While addressing each area you can explore what the production seemed to be saying about the human condition or the human experience. Please provide supporting evidence for your conclusions. For instance- if you say “The production clearly said that loving another person is the most important thing in the world.” You will want to provide evidence supporting those statements such as “The first act ends with the young couple saying “We couldn’t be complete until we loved each other.” Remember- support yourself with observed examples from your theatre going experience.

Please include the title of the play/performance and where and when you attended the performance in your paper.

Please include your personal evaluation of the success of the production based on your observations of the quality of work from ALL of the collaborators (PLAYWRIGHT, DIRECTOR, MUSICAL DIRECTOR (if musical), ACTORS/PERFORMERS, CHOREOGRAPHER (if musical), LIGHTING DESIGNER, SCENIC DESIGNER, COSTUME DESIGNER, PROPERTIES DESIGNER.)

Please DO NOT focus the paper on the PLOT of the show you attend. A complete plot description is not necessary and will have a negative effect on your grade!

Be certain to include specific examples to support your opinions. REMEMBER- if you claim something to be true it is best to give an example or supportive fact as to why you can make this claim.

You should include a treatment of research you have done regarding the initial production of the play.

Please cite or footnote all sources that are not your original ideas. Proper citation formatting is REQUIRED. Consult a style guide, such as MLA Style, for proper formatting

VERY IMPORTANT! Please read the syllabus very carefully. Each grade in this class is weighted. The paper is 35% of your grade!

Below are a few FORMAL WRITING REMINDERS to aid you in the process of creating your term paper…

Play titles are Italicized or Underlined and written in title case.

Incorrect: the taming of the shrew
the Taming of the shrew
the Taming Of The Shrew
Correct: The Taming of the Shrew

The written text of a play is called a script, not a book or novel.

Incorrect: The Crucible is an excellent novel by Arthur Miller.
Correct: The Crucible is an excellent script by Arthur Miller.

Text message writing is not allowed. It is best 4 U 2 get this right.

Fused sentences, or Run-ons, are unacceptable.

Rule: Do not run two independent clauses together with no punctuation or connector between them (doing so creates a fused sentence.) You can usually correct a fused sentence using one of the same methods you use to correct a comma splice.

Incorrect: My roommate never gets depressed she’s always smiling.
Correct: My roommate never gets depressed; she’s always smiling.
My roommate never gets depressed, and she’s always smiling.

My roommate never gets depressed. She’s always smiling.

Be aware of the lack of agreement between subject and verb.

Rule: A singular subject takes a singular verb; a plural subject takes a plural verb. Do not be fooled by words coming between the subject and verb or by a subject that follows the verb.

Incorrect: One of my goals have been to keep the HOPE.
My RA was mad because there was dirty lunch trays in the hallway.
Correct: One of my goals has been to keep the HOPE.
My RA was mad because there were dirty lunch trays in the hallway.

In our age of word processors and spelling checkers, the hazard of misspelling may seem to be a thing of the past. What spelling checkers miss most frequently, however, are homonymic spellings, words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Transposables are words that mean different things but are spelled similarly. You must proofread your work before turning it in. Here are some examples of these words to watch out for:

Definitely vs defiantly

There are many online guides to help you improve your writing. A particularly useful guide can be found at HYPERLINK “”

Another tool for Parkland students is the Writing Lab. Information about Parkland’s Writing Lab can be found at HYPERLINK “”

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