Political and policy hurdles faced by tax reformers

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Hurdles to address include the need for sufficient revenue and determining what the level of revenue ought to be–however “sufficient” means different things to different people–distributional issues such as: (i.e., the burden of the tax across income groups and how that burden would change under reform)

(1) Old capital vs. New capital
(2) International vs. Domestic industries
(3) C-corps vs. Pass through
(4) Static scoring vs. Dynamic scoring
(5) Transition issues (from the old system to the new)
(6) Economic impact
(7) Administration concerns
(8) Political viability (an unpopular proposal is much more difficult to enact)

Write research papers specifically categorize the various hurdles above and discuss each in detail what they entail, and the political issues surrounding them.


1) In this paper, please, only focus about the hurdles faced by tax reforms within ONLY American (U.S.) system. This is not for international market or developing countries situation. This paper must address the hurdles within the system of United States’ tax reforms.

2) I expect the writer includes all 8 components of hurdles that the instruction included above. However, regarding this issue, I would like to discuss with the write further before the he/she actually begins to write.

3) PLEASE assign a writer who is expert in AMERICAN TAXATION and POLITICAL POLICY. This work cannot be done if the writer doesn’t have vast and deep knowledge in taxation. Thus, please do not assign a writer who actually knows and familiar with the 8 hurdles above in taxation tax reform.

If the writer doesn’t seem to know much about what I am talking about, I am going to request to change the writer. Therefore, let us don’t go and waste our time. Please assign the job for the right person who is in good hands of taxation.

4) Like I mentioned in #2, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT START the paper before discussing with me. When the writer is determined, I strongly ask the writer to contact me after going through this instruction that I am writing. Then, I will communicate with the writer more details and direction of the paper. After this stage, the writing can be begun. Without this step, please do not instruct the writer to start writing this work because I will not accept it without the pre-communication with me.

5) Please do not make a call unless if we are scheduled to speak on the phone. I work at night thus, I strongly do not wish to pick up the call when I’m in a sleep. In fact, I cannot take a call if I’m in a sleep or day time. Ergo, please contact me via message or communication space so that I could see and reply right away.
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