Personality Theories

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create a chart comparing the theories of the following psychoanalytic psychologists:

Sigmund Freud

Carl Gustav Jung

Alfred Adler

Karen Horney

Erik Erikson

Your chart should include the following areas: Theorist, orientation, key motivational forces, model of personality structure, and view of personality development.




Motivational forces

Model of personality structure

Personality development

Sigmund Freud


Sex and …

Id …

Emphasis on …

Select one psychologist from your chart and use the Internet as a research tool to explore the personality theory of this psychologist.

Write a 1-page summary of your chosen theorist and his/her view of personality development.

Using a word processing program (such as MS Word), write a summary of your findings on the theorist you selected.

Be sure to describe clearly and briefly how personality development occurs according to your chosen theorist.

Must have an abstract, title page and reference page


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