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Book: NUTRITION FOR HEALTHY LIVING: By Wendy Schiff. Third Edition. McGraw Hill Publisher.
ISBN 978-0-07-352275-3

First Assignment:
1. Watch the videos Grocery Shopping Tips Part 1 & 2.

Write a 2 paragraph summary (minimum five sentences for each paragraph) for each video.
Also, what tip did you like in each video and why did you pick them ( minimum 4 sentences for each tip)?

2. Watch the segment on Is Sugar toxic?
Write a 3 paragraph (5 sentences each) summary of the segment.
What do you think about sugar and its affects (5 sentences)?

3. Watch the video “Tweaking tastes and Creating Cravings”.
Write a 3 paragraph (5 sentences each) summary of the episode.
What do you think about the flavor industry (5 sentences).

4. Watch the following short video on How to spot counterfeit food.
Write a 3 sentence summary of the video.
What do you consider the most important information for you to have learned (3 sentences).

5. To start the interactive animation click on Make Your Calories Count.
When you select or compare foods what are 3 questions that you should ask yourself?
What is the General guide to calories?
Describe the Quick Guide to %DV.
Pick 5 different terms from the Glossary and write the definition of each one.
Why were these 5 terms of interest to you (5 sentences)?
What did you learn (6 sentences minimum) from the interactive food selections?

6. Read the article ‘History’s weirdest fad diets.

Type a 4 sentence description for each of the 5 diets.
Which one did you find the most interesting to read about and why (3 sentences)?
Why, do you think that some people are so interested in trying these types of diet (4 sentences)?

7. Watch the following Nova segment on Tour the Tongue.

This is a interactive segment that has two parts, Taste Primer and the Five Tastes.

Write a 2 paragraph (5 sentences each) summary of Tasted Primer.

Identify the 5 tastes and write a 4 sentence summary of each taste.


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