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Pick one grand (Dorothy Johnson) you might invite to your “lunch with theorists.” Search the literature for references for the theory.
Box 5-3 below:

Theory Description

-What is the purpose of the theory (describe, explain, predict, prescribe)?
-What is the scope or level of the theory (grand, middle range, practice/situation specific)?
-What are the origins of the theory?
-What are the major concepts?
-What are the major theoretical propositions?
-What are the major assumptions?
-Is the context for use described?

Theory Analysis

-Are concepts theoretically and operationally defined?
-Are statements theoretically and operationally defined?
-Are linkages explicit?
-Is the theory logically organized?
-Is there a model/diagram? Does the model contribute to clarifying the theory?
-Are the concepts, statements, and assumptions used consistently?
-Are outcomes or consequences stated or predicted?

Theory Evaluation

-Is the theory congruent with current nursing standards?
-Is the theory congruent with current nursing interventions or therapeutics?
-Has the theory been tested empirically? Is it supported by research? -Does it appear to be accurate/valid?
-Is there evidence that the theory has been used by nursing educators, nursing researchers, or nursing administrators?
-Is the theory relevant socially?
-Is the theory relevant cross-culturally?
-Does the theory contribute to the discipline of nursing?
-What are implications for nursing related to implementation of the theory?
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