Nigerian Property Market: Is the current form of facility management within residential properties efficient? Case Study: Alpha Mead Facilities & Management Services

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Pathway: Management
1. Quality of the introduction chapter in presenting the scope of the research and the rationale underpinning the value of pursuing it: Through critical evaluation of the research scope, the chapter presents the research aim, which is analysed to identify the research question. The objectives are drawn from the research question to clearly frame the structure of the research. Through further critical reflection, the choices are justified shaping the research motivation and purpose, as well as locating it in a broader pathway discipline.

2. Quality of the literature review chapter in describing and defining the context of the research: The chapter offers a critical review of the gathered literature, which is grounded in the pathway discipline as well as successfully used to define the research context. The coverage of the literature offers depth and breadth, being effectively used to define the meaning captured by the research question.

3. Quality of the research process chapter in arguing the undertaken research process and ensured academic rigour: The research process is defined and critically evaluated against the research question and academic methodological literature. The methods and data set choices are critically argued and compared to the pathway discipline research practice. There is also a clear presentation of how the academic rigour, validity of findings, and ethical requirements have been met and assured.

4. Quality of the findings chapter in presenting the collected data and offering discussion and reflection on emerging insights: The chapter outlines an excellent analysis of collected data that is reflected upon in the light of literature review and considers any emerging similarities and contradictions. The presented arguments are focused on unpacking the insights in light of the research question and offer a significant depth and breadth of the discussion offering a narrative well beyond the expectations.

5. Quality of the conclusions and recommendations chapter in presenting a comprehensive response to the research question: The chapter offers a comprehensive and extremely well formulated set of conclusions and recommendations, which are excellently positioned within the theoretical context of the undertaken research. In particular, the conclusions flow out of the logic of the preceding chapters and clearly respond to the research question. The chapter also offers a critical reflection on the broader impact and contribution the conducted research has on the pathway discipline with clear recommendation for future research.

6. Overall quality of the presentation following the academic requirements and expectations of research: The overall presentation of the submission is done in a very professional manner. The submission follows the indicated structure and there is great attention paid to every detail. The narrative flows from chapter to chapter and there is an overall sense of cohesion and consistency across the whole. Referencing is meticulously prepared and appendices are extremely well organised and used very effectively.

7. Quality of the overall impression of the submission: Overall, the submission demonstrates excellent flow of narrative. The work is coherent and extremely well presented as a whole, where each section links up very well with the preceding chapters. The submission reads excellently and comes across as greater then sum of its parts. It also demonstrates, an ability on the part of the student to position the work in the broader research discourse of the pathway discipline.

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