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This writings are exploring the characteristics of our species and the role we play in our ecosystem. Have you ever considered the characteristics of your niche or thought about what might happen if you were forced to switch to another niche? This Assignment will give you the opportunity to compare and contrast the niche that you live in with an assigned niche (described below).

Your essay should include:

A description of your personal niche and of your assigned niche. (Assigned = tropical rain forest)

A description of both the similarities and differences between the two niches.

Consider what characteristics would provide a survival advantage to you or to the individuals who currently occupy that niche.

How have humans adapted to the two niches?

What difficulties might you have living in the assigned niche and why?

What types of cultural adaptations have evolved from living in your niche? Your assigned niche?

Your discussion should consider any biological adaptations as well; things such as dealing with food spoilage, insect vector control, food and waterborne illnesses, etc.

Assigned Niche

A-G Arctic Region

H-N Sub-Saharan Desert

O-T Tropical Rain Forest

U-Z Australian Outback

Your essay should include a cover page, an introduction, the body of the essay addressing the different

topics and questions described above, and a summary paragraph. Please remember to reference any

statement of fact and to include a reference list in APA at the end of the essay. The essay should be a

minimum of 500 words in length not counting the cover page and reference list.


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