Networks Carriers – Innovation in Business Models – Presentation notes

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Please prepare a speaking notes for the “Airline Alliances” under the area “Innovation in Business Models”. Please not to be descriptive. You should be focusing on talking about “How the three Airline Alliances interactive with the topic “Innovation in Business Models”. Not describing the airlines and the numbers inside. Is that clear?
In the area of “Airline Alliances”

Please provide a 1 and a half minutes speech for it. You should be familiar with this as this is your work before. Feel free to change the content of the presentation slides.

One more reminder, please do not be descriptive on talking about the three airline alliances. Focus on “How the three airline alliances inter-relate to the area “Innovation in Business Models”. Is that make senses, please drop me a message before you start on this order, make sure this is all clear. Thanks

Please see the attachment Powerpoint for working on the presentation speech.
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