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Essay topic is Monarchy.

B. Objective: To understand the significance of a particular person, event or document as a
contribution to the creation of the United States of America and American Democracy.
C. Address the following main issues:
1. In which way did your topic help shape American Democracy?
2. How did your topic contribute to the creation of the United States of America?
3. At what point did your topic contribute to this new American Government? In other words,
when in relation to other major events and what is the significance of that timing?
D. Additional Questions & Ideas to Consider with a Focus on Voices of a People’s History
of the United States and the Federalists Papers:
1. What is the background of the author? What is his/her role in forming American
2. Consider the time period and the socio-political climate.
3. Where & when was the text presented? What is its relevance to the formation of American
4. Consider threading texts together by a common theme.
E. Format:

1. Be sure to also consult at minimum The Federalist Papers, Voices of a People’s History of the
United States (and include on your Reference Page) an encyclopedia entry, one additional
book, an original newspaper article from America’s Historical Newspapers (library database)
and one scholarly journal article (JSTOR database).

2. This information should be submitted in a cohesive manner (2 pages) using complete
sentences and with Title and Reference Pages and citations that follow APA Format.

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