Media situation in Pakistan

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The assessment will be based on a digital research essay hosted on individual blog site


Research Essay:

Write an essay, researching the media trends in an individual country.


Your research paper should demonstrate you can:

  • Explain media situation of the country
  • Discuss various media platforms
  • Collect evidence through study of films/ video/ radio/

print / advertising/PR/ Internet/animation

  • Analyze the evidence collected to support your arguments
  • Summarize the key findings to give your conclusion


Topics to include:

  • Background of the country
  • Technology in-depth – What media are the different demographics using? How?
  • Digital – online, social media, mobile
  • Topics discussed using media – gender, race, politics, social issues (campaigns)




Your paper must include the following:

  • Host blog site of student
  • Contents sidebar
  • Introduction
  • Main arguments/hypothesis
  • Evidence gathered through study of various mass media
  • Analysis of this information gathered
  • Conclusion and summary
  • Bibliography (APA list of books, journals, websites used in the paper)
  • Links (graphs, pictures, videos, film, print material, transcripts used as evidence)


Length 1400 words(excluding contents sidebar, bibliography and links)




Submit your written report to SafeAssignon Bb Learn.



Your grade will be determined using the Assessment Rubric.


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