Media Release

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A. Review the “Media Releases & Packets” presentation found in the Week 3 folder in the “Course Library”.

B. Select an emergency or disaster event in history, e.g., Pompeii/Mt Vesuvius, Hurricane Camille, The Great Chicago Fire, Hindenburg, Chernobyl, etc. Write a Media/News Release for the disaster event at any

time period /significant event of the disaster, e.g., 4 hours pre-landfall, , etc. Use yourself as

the PIO contact and the disaster location as the origin of the release. You can originate the release from

any organization/EOC you think reasonable.

NOTE: Remember, you are writing from the perspective of the Public Information Officer (PIO) from an agency “responding” to the disaster. You are not writing as a news reporter.

C. Prepare a media/news release in written form using the information found in the “Writing – Media Releases & Packets” presentation (specifically slides 6-11) from Week 3. The release should be done as a

Microsoft Word document and posted to the “Media/News Release” folder in the “Assignments” section of the

course Blackboard website. Your release should show examples of each concept covered in the course to

date. You will be graded on content, format (as covered in the Week 3 “Writing – Media Releases & Packets”

presentation, effectiveness of your message as well as empathy, stakeholder strategies and what readers should do next.

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