Matlab program solving (syncrounous generator ) Virtual measuring instrument to determin direct and quadrature axis synchronous reactance of synchronous generator.

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Project description
The assignment is calculation the the parametres of synchronous generator using matlab and to create the characteristics .

Task for you
0.Read into Matlab WorkSpace data from measurements (this has been done).
1.Put this graph in one figure, use “subplot” function.
2.For each signal Vg, VI, Ig, put curve envelope – find maximum and
minimum from signal and lead the line through this points, you can use
%”find” function or any other.
3.Find maximum and minimum of envelope VI, read time value for each max,
and min.
4.For time value which you found (3) read value of current Ig, and voltage
5.Calculate direct (for max of VI) and quadrature (for min of VI) reactance

For all task you will find matlab function in Matlab Help.

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