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Herbal Essences (brand) Country (Egypt)

You will pick a brand on the spot.
Consider managing it in your own country.
Analyze the product/service category your brand belongs to.
List all brands within that category in your country.
Identify direct competitors. Explain why.
Analyze indirect competition.
Define the different Marketing segments within that category, according to the different brand positionings.
Perform a SWOT analysis
Apply Strengths and Weaknesses to the brand’s internal environment
Use PESTLE to analyze the brand’s Opportunities and Threats of its external environment.
Define your brand’s target group.
Feelings, insights, lifestyle, uses and attitudes.
Define Marketing objectives for your brand, explaining why.
Suggestions: increase market share, increase the whole category’s volume, reverse life cycle negative trend, expand target group, attack competition, etc.
Following those objectives, define a Marketing strategy for your brand.
Base your strategy on your brand’s Marketing Mix.

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